Membership Categories

The Club presently has approximately 3,300 Members, which, with partners and children, gives a total of some 9,000 users. Membership is open to any resident of Hong Kong who can satisfy the General Committee's requirements that he or she is a suitable person.

Full (Social) Membership

Entitles a Member to all privileges of Full Membership including the ability to vote, propose individuals for membership and be elected to hold a position of Office at the Club.

Full (Sports Preferred) Membership

An open category of Membership that requires an individual to demonstrate that he/she is able to play for, and/or contribute to, one of the Club's Sports Sections/Designated Sports Activities ("DSA") at team level. The five core Sections are: Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Squash, and Lawn Bowls, with the Netball Division having gained DSA Status in 2001. A successful candidate will be offered a temporary period of twelve months *Associate Membership followed by an opportunity to convert to Full Membership status and honour a four year commitment to the relevant Section/DSA, subject to the suitability of the individual. During the four year period, a candidate's playing/training and food & beverage spending records will be monitored by the respective Section/DSA and the Membership Sub-Committee.

Corporate Membership

Any company, firm or business wishing to be admitted as a Corporate Member must acquire a Corporate Subscription (Debenture), which allows one nominee per Debenture at any one time. (There are currently no Corporate Debentures available from the Club).

Associate Membership

Below please find a breakdown of the various Associate membership categories available at the Football Club. In particular, we have highlighted our Junior Associate membership which affords young people between 13 years of age to 28 years of age the opportunity to join the Football Club in their own right as long as they are able to play one of our core sports to a representative level. The respective sporting Sections, Designated Sports Activity or Societies have certain requirements (aligned to sporting ability) that must be met if one is to be offered Junior Associate Membership. Please if you require any further information. Finally, a table of fees/charges is set out below for Junior Associate Membership:

Table of Fees for Junior Associates:

  Entrance Fee
Subscriptions fee per month




1.  Summary of Categories

In accordance with the Articles, the General Committee will offer Associate Membership of the Club for individuals under the following categories, listed in Appendix I of the Bye-laws :-

(a)  Lady Associate

This is now a closed category of membership. Full Monthly Subscriptions and levies to be paid.

(b)  Family Member Associate

Offered to the Responsible Person of the Family of a deceased Member or in other special circumstances. Entrance Fee is waived. Prescribed Monthly Subscriptions and levies to be paid.

(c)  Consular Associate

Offered to a current Consul General or the Deputy Consul (the position of Vice Consul is not enough to warrant the giving of this category of membership) or Commissioner of a country having diplomatic ties with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. An Honorary Consul does not fit the criteria for this category of membership and will no longer be considered. Entrance Fee is waived. Prescribed Monthly Subscriptions and levies to be paid. No Accelerated Social Membership is available to a Consular Associate.

(d)  Club Manager Associate

Offered on a reciprocal basis to a current manager of a recognised sports or recreational establishment in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Entrance Fee and Monthly Subscriptions waived.

(e)  National Sports Association Associate

Offered to the General Manager/Chief Executive, who must be a full time paid employee of a National Sports Association (NSA) of the Hong Kong S.A.R., where the Club has teams participating on a representative competitive league basis. Entrance Fee is waived. Prescribed Monthly Subscriptions and levies are to be paid. On cessation of employment with the NSA, membership will cease forthwith. No Accelerated Social Membership is available to a National Sports Association Associate.

(f)  Overseas Corporate Associate

Offered to a number of nominated representatives of an overseas financial sponsor of the Club, for the duration of the sponsorship, whether on a daily revolving basis or otherwise. Prescribed Monthly Subscriptions and levies to be paid.

(g)  Sports Subscriber Associate

Offered to a nominated representative of a major financial sponsor of the Club or a Section, Designated Sports Association Society or other recreational sport or activity for the duration of the sponsorship. Entrance Fee and Monthly Subscriptions waived.